Benefit: They're Real vs. Maybelline: The Falsies


I think it's quite obvious that there are two mascaras that dominate the beauty blogging world - they are of course the 'they're real' and 'the falsies'.  Without rambling too much I need to let you know: I'm a mascara obsessive. I've owned many and worn many. If there's a new mascara with a hype I can guarantee you I've tried it. Mascara is the one make-up product I adore most. So with my mascara adoration comes an empty bank account as I indulge in the new hyped mascaras, despite having already owning enough to keep my eyelashes painted (..painted?) until the age of eighty (at least). I'll stop rambling now.  
I'm doing this comparison so you yourself (if you're wanting to indulge in a new mascara) can know which one is the better one.

Benefits: They're Real - $38
I have heard about this mascara for a long time. Admittedly the first time I saw this mascara was when I was in England last year and after taking a look at the ad which contained an image of a girl with gigantic boobs and the words "they're real" I was instantly turned off it because I thought it was trashy. In saying that I also had never heard of how good the mascara was. This was pre-beauty blog obsession days. Only this year I started to notice that it was a very hyped product so I started to become intrigued. One lovely day strolling through myers in the city I noticed a benefit stand so I practically ran over. To state the obvious: I bought the mascara!

The benefit of this mascara: It has some bristles at the end of it which is great for getting the inner corners of the eye and separating. I didn't really find that it curled much though. I had already pre-curled my eyelashes and yet the outcome was not as curled as I desired.

Maybelline: The Falsies - $19.95
One shopping day with my mum we wandered into priceline to have a little look at the make-up. As we were roaming we were discussing how our YSL Doll Eyes mascara was coming to its end and then it's like a beam of light shone down onto the Maybelline mascara selection. Okay, not really. But we did realize it would be good to get a new mascara to try out and the Maybelline Falsies sounded promising plus the packaging looked cool.

The benefit of this mascara: It's packaging, I personally adore a bit of a chunky packaging for mascara..I don't know why. I also really like the bristles on it as they definitely thicken. Also the curling technique works a treat..I use to be quite sceptical that a curling mascara would actually curl the eyelashes but alas it does!

The verdict:

As you can see by the pictures - the Maybelline falsies is easily the winner. It thickens, curls and separates. Although I still like the They're Real by Benefit..I much prefer the Maybelline falsies and it's one that I will buy over and over. The Maybelline falsies is basically half the price which is another great advantage. I can confidently say that the Maybelline falsies is my holy grail of mascaras. 

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  1. Love this blog already!!!

  2. Thanks for this comparison post! It's nice to see how a drugstore mascara compares with a higher end mascara and it's awesome that the drugstore one wins! I've never tried Maybelline's The Falsies but now I really must! Lovely review!

    xx Amanda | Beautee Beauty | Malaysian/UK Beauty Blog

  3. LOVE this post! I love maybelline mascaras too!

    1. Aren't they just amazing?! I was so surprised to find a drugstore mascara was waaay better than a more expensive brand. x