The Favourite 5: Lip Products


When it comes to my lips I can be incredibly fussy. I hate the feeling of buying a new lip product and ending up unsatisfied. I also hate when I wear a new lipstick out for the first time and come home to the wreckage that is my lips. Okay, i'm being a little dramatic, but it does bug me when the outside out of my lips hold the colour while the inside fades..I end up looking like I only had enough time to apply lip liner. Definitely not tres chic. Anyway these five are my favourite lip products that I used over and over, thought i'd share!

Left to right: Clinique - Woppin Watermelon chubby stick, Nyx - Matte lip cream in 'Istanbul', Mac - Brave, Mac - Russian Red, Mac - Cherry lip liner

1. Clinique Chubby Stick - Woppin Watermelon
If you need a quick lip colour on the go that is no effort then look no further - you need this in your life. I can't count the times i've been in my car before work or uni quickly applying this. It's quite sheer and leaves a subtle colour. It's also very moisturizing which is why I love it when I have cracked lips. I just love it because it's so easy to use and is a nice subtle colour. Most of the time my hand bag will always have one of these cause I grab it on the go.

2. NYX Lip Matte Cream - Instanbul
This is quite a new edition but already makes it into my top 5 due to its incredible staying power. If I want a long lasting lip colour I reach for this. Even when it fades a little (after eating a burger, drinking back coffees etc) it still leaves behind a pink stain which is great. It's odd because it goes on creamy and then within 10 minutes dries to a matte texture. To be honest I forget i'm wearing it sometimes because it feels like i'm wearing nothing at all. Definite staple. Will go back to NYX asap to stock up on more.

3. MAC - Brave
This is no surprise. I've mentioned this quite a bit. I love this lipstick because it's such a "my lips but better" shade (I hate that phrase haha). I use my MAC whirl liner with this bad boy, and it's really great for making my thin lips look a little plumper. This will be a lipstick i'll constantly repurchase because I just love it. Got to admit the staying power isn't amazing but it's no fuss to re-apply it as it's more of a neutral colour.

4. MAC - Russian Red
This may or may not be the first MAC lipstick i've ever owned. Sure, i'd stolen my mums in the past but this was the first one that was my own. I went to MAC one day and asked the make-up artist to find me a classic red lipstick that would suit me. She grabbed this shade! And I forever have been in love. The colour is a great classic red and every time I wear it I feel so confident. I just feel badass in this lipstick. So, yeah, if you need a shade where you feel like a badass then this is the shade for you.

5. MAC - Cherry Lipliner
I couldn't mention my Russian Red lipstick without mentioning my Cherry lipliner. These two go hand in hand. I struggle with red lipstick, I can never manage to make both sides of my lips look even and it ends up looking like a mess. And red lips is something you can't afford to mess up because it's so damn noticable if it isn't perfect. Does everyone feel everyones eyes are instantly drawn to your lips when you wear red lipstick? Well, if you know that, then there is that pressure to make sure they look damn fine in case someone notices any imperfections. That's why lipliner has been my life saver. My technique is simple. I lightly line around the shape of my lips. If i'm satisfied with how it looks i'll re-draw it harder so it's darker. Once i've done that i've created the perfect shape to fill in with my lipstick. And voila! Red lips made easy! Honestly it sounds like a colouring in drawing my technique but it's foolproof (or so I think). Also what I do most of the time is i'll do the lipline, and then i'll fill in with my lips with the lipliner and then i'll add lipstick. I find doing this makes it last SO much longer because even if the lipstick fades a still has the red under.

So they are my top five lip products! And of course i'm going to recommend all of these because I believe they will become staples in your make-up bag too. Sorry for majority being mac, but mac is my favourite when it comes to lipsticks.

What are your favourite lipsticks? Any ones I should give a try?

Holly xx

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  1. I never wear lipstick but I love the color of the Mac Brave! So pretty!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. They are all gorgeous colours !! Great post :)

  3. I've still not tried any of the NYX lip products and I really need to!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. Awesome colours - love all the dusky pinks!!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  5. I love Brave, it's such a pretty shade and is so easy to wear :D

    Rebecca Coco

  6. MAC's shade 'Brave' has always been on my wishlist, I've heard such great things which just tempts me more to set out and buy it!

  7. Hello Lovely :)

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Head over to my blog for the details :)

    Happy Friday!
    Georgia x