Hair Products I Actually Like


I think I should let it be known that i'm not a "hair person". Meaning: I don't really care about my hair 99% of the time. So if I like a hair product: I really like it!

1. Kerastase: Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe Sublime Cleaning Oil Shampoo
Yes, the name of this shampoo is extremely wordy and I have no clue what any of those words mean..buuut whatever they mean must be fabulous cause this is a wonderful shampoo. I don't branch out when it comes to shampoos, I usually just stick with the same one for years *cough* pantene *cough*. What I like most about this product is that it not only smells amazing but it can be used as a treatment as well.  Usually i'll leave it in for 5-10 minutes and once washed out my hair feels incredibly soft. Love this.

2. L'oreal: Professionnel Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse
My hair is so long that it can never really hold a curl due to the weight of my hair. My solution? I apply this mousse to my hair (when dry) and then once my hair is basically wet from the mousse I dry it with the hair dryer. Once dry I apply more mousse until it's wet..and then I dry again. My hair becomes super voluminous (score!) and holds curls so much better.

3. Kerastase: Keratine Thermique
This is the first heat protector i've ever tried and I really like it! To be honest I was skeptical of heat protectors originally. After a lil googling I realized how important they are to your hair. If you blow-dry or straighten your hair lots it can be super damaging. This product basically helps protect your hair and prevents it from being damaged by the heat products. This product smells soooo amazing that sometimes i'll just apply it to my dry hair cause it smells so amazing haha.

4. Kerastase: Elixir Ultime
As you can see in the picture i'm almost out of this product! It's been very trusty though. I tend to apply to this to my dry hair when I want some extra shine. Don't know what else to say other than it makes my locks look healthier and lovely. Plus..smells divine.

5. Bumble & Bumble: Surf Spray
This is my obsession at the moment! Whenever I spray a bit of this through my hair I feel like Serena van der Woodsen stepping out with her carefree locks. This is such an easy product to use and is the by far the best surf spray i've used. You go bumble & bumble.

So there you have it! Promise i'm not sponsored by Kerastase..I just adore their products. Let me know if you have any "go to" products you use for your hair.

Holly xx

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  1. Gossip Girl reference... well I need that product then!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Whenever I think "messy natural looking hair" I always think Serena. That gurl owns it haha x

  2. This completely sounds like me, I'm no not excited by hair products. The only one out of these I've tried is the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. I expected so much from this product but it didn't seem to do anything for my hair! :( The Kerastase Cleansing Oil Shampoo sounds really interesting!

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

    1. Totally meant "so not excited" x

    2. Glad someone else isn't a big fan of hair products! With the Bumble & Bumble surf spray I have to apply quite a bit to get the desired look aha. You should try and get a sample of the Kerastase shampoo cause you'd totally love it I think :) x