A quick Lush review!


Im gonna make this short and sweet. I bought the avobath bath bomb about three weeks ago and was saving it for the right moment. I was in the midst of studying, I needed a break, it started to rain...it was showtime.

Despite this bath bomb being called 'avobath' it smells of strong lemongrass (which is my favourite scent). Initially I wasn't drawn to this bathbomb..I mean it's just plain green which doesn't scream exciting. Once I had smelt the lemongrass I decided to give it a go. When it fizzes into the bath it's just a green colour and nothing fancy. You know what - I kinda like this bath bomb though. It's just relaxing and a good pick me-up. It claims to give softer skin and I guess it did?? But..nothing incredibly soft. The smell faded out once it had infused into the bath and once I had gotten out of the bath I couldn't smell it on my skin like I do with other lush bath bombs.

So my verdict is: I liked this bath bomb, it was relaxing, did smell good buuut I probably won't buy it again. My favourite bath bombs are the ones that keep their strong scent once infused and leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth (sex bomb, that ones my fave). But if you're in need of some relaxing then give this a go.

If you've tried it let me know what you think! And recommend me your fave lush bath bombs cause I want to make a lil collection up. :)

Holly xx

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  1. I have never tried this one before! I absolutely love Lush, I'm so excited to go on another shopping trip and pick some bits up, especially products from the christmas range, they're fab! x
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. Never tried bath bombs yet *closes eyes* ..this looks like a lot of fun ^_^
    Sirisha sirismile9558.blogspot.in