How To Be Attractive


In recent years the beauty world has really made a mark. Contouring, highlighting, colour correcting, drawing on eyebrows, overlining lips, eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, fake tanning are just some of many things that we do to make ourselves appear more attractive. Cause let's be real: no one would intentionally do these things if it was going to make you ugly. We just wouldn't.

And as a beauty blogger I feel as if I sometimes inadvertently perpetuate that wearing make-up equals attractiveness. And yes, not going to lie, it definitely does make me look a little better with my bags being less prominent and spots covered up. But make-up is only a teeny-tiny aspect of what makes someone "attractive"

Do you know what is attractive? Being a kind person. Being a good friend. Being someone who values their family. Being someone who puts other before them. Being loyal. Being someone who helps others even when they have nothing to gain from it. Being someone who treats everyone equal no matter what their position is. Being someone who has a big heart. Being someone who doesn't harshly judge or discriminate others. Being someone who constantly tries to lift up others.

Attractiveness is much more than looks. We can get so caught up in the beauty world and what will make us look better on the outside that we forget that it is 100x more attractive to be a good person. Don't ever let the beauty world fool you into thinking that the outside appearance is the most important thing, because it really isn't. Let it be something you enjoy and take solace in. Let it be something that makes you happy. Make-up is not representative of who you are.

Just really had it on my heart to do this post as I would never want my readers to think that the make-up/beauty world is where you get your "attractiveness" from. There are so many more things out there that are so much more important. <3 

Stay lovely!

Holly xx

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  1. This couldn't be any more true! Some people really do appear more ugly on the outside because of how rotten they are on the inside. Its a shame! Great post :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. This is such a sweet post! I've always tried to make myself think of makeup as art and a way to express your creativity. If you're only going to put foundation on then... that's covering up not art so there isn't any point! I don't always follow this, but I mean I try to as much as I can!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. You really have a way with words to get people thinking. You've definitely made me feel better about myself today!

    S x