Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: Worth The Purchase?


Whether you're involved in the beauty world or not: you would have heard about all the hype with matte liquid lipsticks. Despite them being around for quite a long time they didn't make quite the impact as when Kylie Jenner released her liquid lipstick line. Since then each brand has brought out their own version of the liquid lipstick trend with some being great and some being "eh".

I first heard about the Colourpop liquid lipsticks when they were said to be the same as the Kylie Lipkits except at a much more affordable price. Since then they have been on my radar so when Colourpop had a promo stating it was free international shipping when you spend over $50 I knew these would be one of the first things i'd add to my basket. I purchased the shades Midi and Clueless.

The Price...
$6 each - umm bargain!? Amiright?!

The Packaging...
I'd say they're pretty standard liquid lipstick packaging with the clear tube and doe foot applicator. Unfortunately one of the shades (Midi) got the dodgy end of the packaging as the top of the bottle is leaky when you open it. I thought perhaps it was just me with a dodgy lipstick but I saw on a makeup forum that it is quite the common occurrence for the liquid lipsticks to have slightly faulty packaging which makes them leaky. 

How It Applies...
Compared to many of my other liquid lipsticks these seem to be the most runny which made is slightly more difficult to apply as I had to work quick in fear it would drip down. It is a very pigmented formula and one coat does the job. 

Verdict of The Formulation..
THE FORMULATION SUCKS. It is sooo drying. When it comes to matte liquid lipsticks i'm a tough cookie - no matter how drying something is I will wear it unless it a) looks super drying and b) goes flaky. This lipstick is so drying that is flakes off my lips and actually goes into my teeth. MY TEETH. It also sinks into any nook and cranny in my lips making them look dryer than the Sahara. I asked my brother what he thought of it and he remarked that my lips looked super dry. Eek. Despite trying to make this product work (by putting a TON of lip balm on prior, scrubbing my lips etc) nothing is making it work. I really don't understand how some people can wear this product, it's far too drying and such a liability seeing as it flakes off. 

Worth the purchase?
Absolutely not. There are other liquid lipsticks out there which I would recommend over this, like the NYX liquid suedes and matte lip cream, or the Revlon ultra HD matte lipcolour. I tried a few Kylie Lipkits out last week (my friend owns 6 of them) and they are so much better. The Kylie Lipkit felt far more comfortable,didn't look dry, or go flaky. I wore Koko K and Candy K both for 6 hours and they lasted perfectly. In fact, I liked the lipkits so much that I'm going to purchase a few. The Colourpop Ultra Mattes were a big NO from me.

Has anyone else tried these by Colourpop - and was it a fail for you also?

Holly x

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  1. I am so obsessed with Colourpop this brand is so amazing I badly want to get more of their liquid lipsticks

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I've heard so much about these and kind of just assumed that they were incredible... they definitely don't sound good! I have really dry lips too so that would probably make them worse for me!
    Aleeha xXx