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A few days ago was Australia day! And even though I have a huuuge love of traveling and see myself moving to the UK to live in the next few years...I love my country.

My typical plans for Australia day also revolve around the Triple J hottest 100. If you're from another country basically the Hottest 100 is a countdown of the most popular songs in 2016 which is voted by the public and the public alone. I like Triple J because the music is cool and not too mainstream (not that I don't mind the old boppy song like Closer by the Chainsmokers or Sexual by Neiked). You can always feel the adrenalin when it gets to the top 10..cause that is when it gets serious. People are shouting "MY BET IS THAT ____ WILL BE #1" "NOO ____ HAS IT IN THE BAG!!" etc.

To be honest though, I don't exactly get on board with the whole cliche Australia day plans which usually involves beers, wearing thongs, and wearing an Australian flag bikini. I love my country, but definitely not enough to wear a flag bikini. Or thongs for that matter. If you know me in RL then you would know it's a rare occasion to see me in thongs. Instead I like to escape the 35 degree weather for air-conditioning and listen to the hottest 100.

There are lots of things I love about Australia so I thought I would share my top 5. You definitely need to visit here if you haven't, it isn't all snakes and spiders.

1. The Beaches

We are SO spoilt for beaches here, particularly where I live in Queensland. One of my summer holiday rituals is going to beach with a towel, sunglasses, ipod, and a good book. It's so relaxing. Just don't forget sunblock as you will get roasted by the sun.

2. The Coffee
I will admit something: I am a total coffee snob. I feel like most Australians are though, we have such a strong cafe culture that each place has to be on it's A game with coffee otherwise it won't succeed. For example...Starbucks has failed here! When there used to be a Starbucks near me 95% of the clientele were internationals because no civilized Australian would dare to buy a coffee there when there are so many superior espresso bars on every corner. I am resolved to the fact that when I travel I will never find a coffee as good as what I can get at home (death to cafe nero, costa coffee and starbucks).

3. The Nature
We are a big ole country so with that comes many diverse places. In Queensland it's beautifully tropical, Sydney has lush beaches, Canberra has it's ski mountains, and Tasmania has great hikes (like in the photo above). I'd say majority of Australians are outdoor people because not only is the weather lovely most of the time but there are just so many beautiful places to visit. 

4. The Food
As we are a young country (only discovered in 1770) we have taken a lot of our culture queues from other countries. This is really reflected in our food as there is a wide variety of restaurants and cafes which have all types of cuisines. This was something I didn't particularly notice until I went traveling through Europe and realized some countries really have a set way of eating (like Italy) whereas here we eat anything and everything. I am a big foodie so i'm glad there is a wide range of options to try out.

5. And Lastly...The People
I am so proud at how nice Australians are (well, usually, there are always tossers in every country haha). Our stereotype is true : we are generally very chilled people. I once had an exchange student from Italy come over, who came to be one of my best friends, and she was shocked at how relaxed we all were because in Rome it was all so busy. It's understandable as to why we are #2 on forbes list of worlds friendliest countries. 

If you haven't ever visited Australia I would definitely recommend it. Sure..i'm a little biased..but for a girl who has done quite a bit of traveling it's great I can recognize how good I have it here. It's worth the long flight. 

Holly xx

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  1. wow, you seriously live in such an amazing place. I wish I loved somewhere like this.

    1. It is pretty dreamy, definitely worth a visit if you can manage a 24 hour flight haha x

  2. I love Australia too! You can't beat our beaches and countryside hey? and we do have some of the most lovely chilled people here ahah

  3. Hey Holly, I love Australia but was wondering if you have some specific recommendations for Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. I haven't been yet but have heard its beautiful, as are you.

    1. Thanks anonymous,
      Absolutely. The Sunshine Coast is beautiful. Id say Montville & Maleny for more hinterland vibes but for the typical beach I'd say Noosa on a less busy day. If not Marcoola is a gem.
      Thanks for reading x