Does The Dior Lip Maximizer ACTUALLY Work?


There are so many products out there that are designed to plump up your lips, today I am reviewing the Dior Lip Maximizer which is probably one of the most popular lip plumping glosses.

What does the Dior Lip Maximizer claim to do?
"Moisturizes lips and gives an incredible instant-volume effect for a glossy smile and full, plump lips, as if transformed"

What is the formula like?
It's enriched with collagen which is the ingredient that is supposedly meant to plump. I actually really like the formula of the gloss itself, in fact I would say this is my favourite lipgloss ever. It's quite thin, tastes of mint, and isn't crazy sticky.

Does it actually plump up your lips though?
I took a photo of my bare lips and then with the gloss on. I left the gloss on for a few minutes before taking the photo so it could sink in a bit. To be works? I feel my lips tingle once it's on which means something is happening to them. As you can see in the photo the gloss gives the appearance of my lips being bigger but there isn't a huge difference.

If you are looking for a product that will make a massive difference and plump your lips right up then I probably wouldn't recommend this as it only has a slight effect. I would recommend this for the person who just wants a little something-something that will make them slightly bigger. 

Please recommend me other products which are supposed to plump up your lips, I want to get a little series happening and figure out which is the most effective of them all. Has anyone else tried this one and had the same result?

Holly x

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  1. wow really need to try this!!