Brown Smokey Eyes ft Chocolate Bar Palette


The other day I had a little fun with my Chocolate Bar Palette and created this brown smokey eye look. Nothing super duper out there but still something that would be great for a dinner or night out. Personally i'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to bold eye-makeup looks so this suits me justttt righttt.

I have been so impressed with the Chocolate Bar Palette. I mean, I knew I was going to love it, but getting to use it myself and play around with different combinations has been GREAT. It's so perfect for everyday but also gives you enough shades to do a bolder look. If you're looking for a sign to buy it then this is it.

A bit smokey paired with a nude lipstick, the Colourpop lippiestix in the shade 'Aquarius' . I like this look because it isn't too harsh but it's also the kinda thing where you could put on a leather jacket with a resting b**** face and you'd feel powerful/confident.
In this square are the main colours I used!
  1. Start out with Salted Caramel in the crease. Be quite generous and loosely go back and forth, I used my MAC 217 brush.
  2. On a smaller crease brush apply Milk Chocolate in the crease
  3. Pack the shade Hazelnut all over the lid
  4. On a small crease brush apply Semi Sweet to the outside of the eyes bringing it in only to the centre of the eyelid 
  5. On a small brush add Milk Chocolate to the bottom lash line. Add some black eyeliner too.
  6. Generously coat your lashes with mascara!
  7. VOILA! Done! And just blend, blend, blend until it looks good.
Also...if you're a winged liner kinda person feel free to add it!

Hope this inspired some of you. I'm not a makeup artist just a girl trying to improve my makeup skills haha.

Holly xx

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  1. So pretty! This looks like a lovely palette :)
    Erin | This Old Joy

  2. Love this eye look! Really suits you :)