High End / Luxury Foundation Hits & Misses


When it comes to foundation I think the high end/luxury makeup world slays. You can get great bases from the drugstore but high end ones always end up coming on top. What I also like about high end and luxury foundations is that you can actually get samples and properly colour matched when you go to the brands counter. Nothing is worse than going to the drugstore and walking out with a foundation 1000x shades too dark (we've all been there right?). Plus...I just like the experience of buying a more expensive foundation. You walk up a makeup counter, have a little browse, spot a foundation that sounds promising, and have a makeup assistant sit you down on a chair applying the product. Bonus points for them if they also apply other products like blush, bronzer etc.

Unfortunately the high end/luxury world can get it wrong sometimes too so i'm going to break this post into three sections: misses, honourable mentions, and hits.

I used to be a massive fan of MAC foundations. When I first got into makeup it was the only thing I would wear, I thought I was so superior wearing it. Now a few years down the track and an expanded makeup collection I go back to my old MAC products and think "why did I think this was an incredible product??".
MAC Studio Sculpt: This definitely looks like it's had its days. Probably going to give this the chuck. At the time I loved this as I loved anything full coverage. I recently applied this and it's just so difficult to work with - I find it goes cakey really easily. For that reason I would call this a miss because it's not an easy product to work with and it makes my skin feel thick.
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation: I actually used to like this for setting my foundation but now I find it looks a little too heavy. I then realized it's supposed to be a foundation on it's own and tried that out but it wasn't anything special. There isn't anything overly wrong with it but there are so many other products I would use over this - so that's why I think it's a miss.

Very Honourable Mentions
Now these are products I really like, have even loved at one stage, but have some little factors that don't push them to be in the top tier of my foundation hierarchy. 

MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation: This my favourite foundation from MAC, probably the only one i'd ever consider repurchasing. It gives a medium coverage but is buildable to make it full coverage, and looks fresh on the skin. 
Lancome Teint Visionnaire Foundation: Shout out to this foundation, this was mentioned in my second ever blog post in 2015. Since then I've used it time and time again. It gives a light coverage and dewy finish - which is exactly what I like in a foundation. The only reason as to why it doesn't make the cut for my HITS category is because it's not very long lasting. I like to wear this to coffee with a friend or a quick dash to the shops but it starts to fade on me about 4hrs in. 
Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint: This was actually mentioned in my 2016 favourites! This is a fantastic product - it provides a full coverage base without going cakey. The only reason I put it in this category and not my HITS is because it's not something I can wear all year round, I reserve it mainly for summer. I find in Winter it's way too drying for my face. For all the other seasons I happily wear it though, it's very long lasting and gives an airbrushed finish. 

Hits/ Holy Grail
Now for the foundations that I can wear allll year round. The favourite items of the bunch. As you could probably tell my "honourable mentions" category definitely featured some excellent products but I wanted to reserve my favourite three for this one. 

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer: When I want my skin to look its healthiest and freshest I bring out the big guns with this product. It is so hydrating and when I take it off at the end of the day my skin feels lovely. It's quite a thin formula and gives a light coverage. I adore this as I can wear it in winter to make my skin more hydrated and I can wear it in summer when I don't want my face to feel cakey. 
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation: This is no shock to longtime readers of my blog. I love this foundation as it packs a punch giving a medium coverage but still looks fresh. It has a great shade range as well which is perfect for those with skin tones difficult to match. I actually recommended this to one of my best friends as she struggled to find any foundations that suited her and she loves it. 
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: This is the foundation I bring out when I want to feel at my most confident, mostly on nights out. It glides on so nicely giving an airbrushed dewy finish. One of my friends (who is a model) told me that out of all the foundations people have used on her this has been the one she loved the most. Hearing that made me scramble to the shops to check it out! It's pricey but if you need a confidence booster and something that makes you feel gorgeous - I'd recommend this highly. 

What are your favourite foundations? Any holy grail products I should be checking out?

Holly xx

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