Lash Lift: Is it actually worth it?


If you have super straight eyelashes and you know it clap your hands *claps*

Actually, wait..

Not this girl anymore because I got a lash lift!

I had been eyeing off getting a lash lift for awhile. I kept seeing youtubers and bloggers revealing beautifully curled lashes and I wondered "what the heck is their secret?!". When I found out it was an eyelash lift I realized I should jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately for the most part of this year I have been in super savings mode and couldn't afford to get this treatment, luckily I started my new job not long ago and with my first paycheck I decided to treat myself.

What is it?
An lash lift, also known as a lash perm, is a treatment which curls the lashes up from the roots making them appear curled and longer.

How is it done?
Silicone pads are applied on the eyelid and your top lashes are coated in a perming solution to make them hold a curl. It usually takes thirty minutes - an hour. Most places will include a tint as well. This video shows what happens.

How long does it last?
Most places say 6-8 weeks.

How much does it cost?
It really can vary. I've seen some places do it for $60, some for $120, and in between. Mine cost $80.

My experience...
I got my eyelashes done at a brow and lash bar close to where I live. I had googled multiple places on where to get it done and this place got great reviews. When I got there I was greeted by a young girl who had a huuuge set of eyelash extensions in. I don't want to ever sound rude but gosh, I was a little taken aback because her eyelashes looked like the girls did in the early seasons of Geordie Shore! Luckily I was only getting an eyelash lift and not extensions so I felt a bit more safe that I wasn't going to walk out looking like I could be cast on Snog, Marry, Avoid.

I lied down and the girl explained what would happen, which was verrry brief. Thank goodness I had done tons of googling otherwise I would not have known what was happening. The girl barely spoke to me during the treatment which I usually don't mind..but it was weird. Like one second she would be putting stuff on my lashes and then next second she would be gone and I would be left with my eyes shut (due to the silicone pads on my eyelids keeping them shut) and I would hear her voice from the other side of the room chatting about her weekend. Then she should come back and without a word do something else (no explaining...) and walk off again. In my head I was like " ??? ".

Anyway she finished up the treatment and gave me a mirror. They looked exactly the same - except they were tinted! I spoke up, which I usually don't do because I can get quite shy and awkward, and told her they didn't look like they held the curl. Thankfully she got the hint and re-did the treatment and I could tell she focused a lot more on getting it right. The second time she handed me the mirror my lashes looked great and I was very pleased by how they looked. The girl wasn't the best though - she knew it was my first treatment and didn't tell me any information at the end so I had to go home and google what you can do/shouldn't do after the treatment. Definitely won't be going back to her again. I am super pleased with how they have turned out though.

Before - After - After with mascara
What I really like about the lash lift is that you get a tint as well! It's so lovely waking up and feeling already put together with dark, curled eyelashes. I actually don't bother with mascara some days because they already look nice how they are. I've been getting lots of compliments on them too, by friends and people I don't know well! So basically I am pretty chuffed.

 After ( I also got my brows done which makes a huge difference to my face)

Will do an update in a month or so to let you know how it's getting on and if it actually lasted. At this point I am very pleased with it and would definitely get it again!

Has anyone else gotten one of these or thought about it?

Holly xx

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