Why I don't want my blog to be "goals"


Today I am sat on the couch, laptop on lap, wearing my overalls, eating a toastie, and blogging away whilst Made In Chelsea plays in the background. It got me thinking of how I am portrayed online. On my social media accounts I must come across as so put together. I post about my nice little travels, how cute my dog is, happiness in finishing my uni degree etc. No one really gets to see the unglamorous side of me but then again I think we all alter the way we're perceived online to some degree.

I don't mind being seen as "put together" in the realms of instagram and facebook (cause lets face it: who willingly puts up unattractive photos of themselves on social media?!) but I want my blog to be a different story. I feel like a blog is where you can be your most honest self because it's your little space on the internet. I guess you could also take the route of having it all lovely and put together, which is a totally fine thing to do as well. I'm not life goals though. I'm still a 22 year old girl figuring things out. I make the fatal mistake of doing winged liner last minute (I never learn!!), I order like a 5 year old at a bar sometimes (who can say no to a peanut butter cocktail? not me!), I always struggle to find a pair of jeans that are actually flattering, and I don't have a photographer boyfriend who can take candid photos of me. In some realms of my life I think i'm killing it (I have my dream job of being an operating theatre nurse) but there is always things I could improve on...ahem...a regular fitness routine or taking flatlays.

To sum it up: my life is not always neat and tidy, but I am a pretty happy person. I'm glad I've got my blog to share life's actual realities. :)

Holly xx

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  1. This is such a great post! I know I tend to read other blogs and think "Wow, their life seems perfect" when in fact it isn't. I think it's so important to let the realities of life slip through from time to time.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  2. Love this so much! This is probably the most relatable post I’ve ever read haha! It’s so hard not to compare yourself with other people, so I love this idea of not having to be “goals” all the time!

    Rachel | racheleileen.com

    1. Totally! I'm so bad with comparing myself sometimes but it is important to put it into perspective and realize people don't always share the messy bits of life. Glad you liked this post! x