Photo Diary:Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast


Since starting work I realized how much time I now spend indoors, it was a bit of a shock to the system. After doing thirty hours of work in three days I was itching for an adventure - for fresh un-airconditioned air and nature. Thankfully, my best friend was also free and keen for an adventure. This was a miracle in itself because we're both nurses and it isn't often that we both have the same days off. So we set off on a 2 1/2 hour drive to Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast. This has been voted one of the most beautiful places in Australia and I felt a little daft for never visiting here, so it was a pleasure to be able to finally explore it.

My dad let us borrow his Jeep for the day, thanks dad!
 As we were driving through the mountains we realized we hadn't eaten and were starving. Thankfully we stumbled upon this cuuuute little place. 

So we sat, drank our tea and ate our scones outside. It was such a lovely place - surrounded by the rainforest and felt really quaint. 

We then set off for the Springbrook National Park

 My Ride-Or-Die friend Alyssa 
 The view!! Soooo pretty. 
Afterwards we stumbled upon the "Best of All Lookout". We went to see if the claim lived up...

To be honest..I wouldn't say this is the best of all lookout. It was pretty and all but I have definitely seen better haha.

On the walk back we came across light shining through the forest. I HAD to get some photos - I felt so angelic. 

Afterwards we set off to find Natural Bridge which is what Springbrook Park is most famous for. 

It was really beautiful, reminded me of where a mermaid would live. I mean..if I was a mermaid i'd totally live here. Except i'd probably get ticked off with all these tourists visiting haha. 

So that was our day visiting Springbrook National Park. It was really pretty and i'd recommend this to anyone visiting the Gold Coast. Was the perfect day to spend my day off :)

Holly xx

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