Trends That Should Die ASAP


Lately whenever I do a little online shopping i'm confronted by some hideous items of clothing. These days it seems like i'm doing endless scrolls to find anything decent! Just this morning I was on Topshop and ASOS and was surprised to find that they were selling truly ugly things which inspired me to do this post cause I want to know: would you guys ever buy any of these?!

1. Flared Jeans


To quote Regina George "Stop trying to make Flared Jeans happen, it's not going to happen!". For years multiple brands have attempted to reboot the ole flared jean trend and rather unsurprisingly: it hasn't made its proper comeback. Why? Because I think people realized that flared jeans are really unflattering on the figure and it's horrible to walk in something which has it's material jutting out with each step. So no, I will not repurchase a pair of these bad boys, I was happy to have left them in the early 2000's.
2. Corset T-Shirts, Dresses etc

(Topshop, ASOS)

Now I really don't get these at all?? I don't get wearing a baggy t-shirt with a corset over?? I don't actually believe these are very trendy even though the likes of Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian clan have been wearing these out and about. I think these just look a bit awkward and aren't very sexy. Not that clothes HAVE to look sexy..but I feel like these are neither casual nor flattering...I don't know..these just aren't for me.

3. Random pieces of tulle and lace on clothes
Now firstly..I just gotta say...TOPSHOP WHAT IS WITH THOSE JEANS?! What would possess someone to think that a nice look would be to add Tulle over jeans! Did someone go "I love wearing jeans but sometimes I find they're a bit to casual" to which someone responded " about we add some nice tulle on top to dress it up!". That T-Shirt as well just feels a bit random with some awkward lace going over the shoulder to the centre. Don't get me wrong I love lace and tulle items of clothing but when they're randomly stitched on to a piece of clothing it makes me go "???" in my head. It's a big no from me.

4. Cartoon Eyebrows
In terms of eyebrows, we've come a long way from those scary thin ones. I think most girls can put her hand up and say "I overplucked my brows to oblivion in highschool". We've gotten better now. We leave them more natural and go along with the shape we've been blessed with. Except sometimes...people go the other way and over-thicken their eyebrows so much that it looks far from natural. I'm okay with big brows if that's what you were born with (like Cara Delevigne or Lily Collins) but when they're excessively draw them in and doubled in size then it's a big no-no. Particularly if they're so drawn in that the two eyebrows almost meet, it just reminds me of the baby with one eyebrow off the simpsons.

5. Jeans with cuts under the bum 
Now when it comes to clothing i'm pretty modest but i'll take a few risks here and there. The one trend that is beyond me though: cuts under the bum. I don't want to step on anyone's toes or offend anyone..but I think these jeans are just kinda..trashy? Ripped jeans - I don't mind. But when it's a massive gash on your booty it's just not chic. Surely i'm not being a granny on this one..but it's too much isn't it?? I'm a big believer in less is more so I don't think i'll EVER get on board with this "trend".

6. Coat over the shoulders
Disclaimer: I don't utterly hate this trend. In fact I think the following can actually pull it off: models, bloggers, and celebrities. The person in the image above is Caroline De Maigret and she's one of my favourite style icons she's so chic. Ahem...anyway back to why i'm not a huge fan of this trend. I just think it's impracticable. Either wear a coat or don't wear a coat, balancing it on your shoulders isn't serving any real purpose besides maintaining an aesthetic.

Those are some of the few trends that i'm not a huge lover of. What do you guys think of these though - love/hate? What other trends are you not a big fan of?

Holly xx

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  1. Oh my goodness, flared jeans takes me back to primary school! These days it's skinny jeans or nothing! x

    Lauren | Dose of Wardrobe

  2. I cannot stand corset dresses and shirts! I feel like they look so tacky and even some of the more high end stores sell them! A ditto yuck on my end! xx

    with love, Jordyn |

    1. Absolutely!! I feel like yelling "WHYYYYY!" whenever I see them haha x