2014 Beauty Favourites: What Do I Actually Still Use?


I thought it would be fun to look back on the beauty products I was raving on about in 2014 and see what I still use and what I don't.

Disclaimer: photos are all my 2014 ones hence the phone quality. But hey, my samsung actually took an alright shot! Except I am slightly cringing at these photos..I feel like i've gotten so much better in the 2 1/2 years i've been blogging haha.

1. Lancome "Teint Vissionnaire" foundation
Yes I actually still use this! And I love it just as much. Even though my foundation collection has grown a ton this is a product I go back to time and time again as it gives such a natural healthy finish.

2. M.A.C 'Studio Finish' Concealer
Nope...not at all. When I first got into makeup I would always use hard concealers, ones that came in pots or sticks. Since discovering how much better liquid ones are i've never gone back to these one for my undereyes. They're just a lot more difficult to blend and can get cakey easily.

3. Maybelline Cover Up Stick
Even though I like this I rarely use it anymore. I find this is great when i'm having really pesky skin issues and I need to bring out the big guns to cover spots up..but generally if my spots aren't too bad i'll just dab a bit of my usual concealer over. So yeah, this one doesn't get too much use!

4. YUVA Brow Dust
Nope. I finished this product, really loved it, but just have never repurchased. After finishing it up I wanted to try a few different brow products so i've never gotten around to repurchasing. Now I get my brows done every month I don't find the need to fill them in so often. I did use my sisters a few months ago and liked how natural it made my brows look but i'm not overly compelled to repurhcase y'know??

5. Maybelline "The Falsies" Mascara
Yes and no. I still love this mascara and consider it to be one of my favourite mascaras ever but my true love is the Maybelline 'Lash Sensational'. I go back to the Falsies every now and then but my #1 is the lash sensational.

6. M.A.C Russian Red Lipstick
Yes, yes.....YES. I still use this allll the time. In fact it is my holy grail red lipstick. This shade just makes me come alive and feel so much more confident. Whenever I have to recommend a red lipstick to someone this is the one I mention.

7. Cliniques Chubby Stick in Woppin Watermelon
Yes and no. The honest answer is no I don't use it anymore. But reading through my old post on it makes me want to buy another one as I don't think I have any tinted balms which are as good as this.

8. Loreal 'Rose Paradise' nail polish
They discontinued this I think! :( I repurchased this over and over and then suddenly it just wasn't there anymore. I haven't been able to find it since. If anyone sees it let me know! It was a great one.

This was actually quite a fun post to write! If you've been blogging for a few years as well then go back and look at your old favourites and see what still gets used and what doesn't. 

Holly x

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  1. This is such a great idea! It's a shame about that nail polish that you can't seem to find. I hate when a firm favourite product is no longer available xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  2. See with the whole tinted lip balms thing, I feel like they aren't a really hard formula to get right so there must be quite a few at the drugstore which are comparable.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Totally agree, a tinted balm is so easy to copy so I may try drugstore ones before I purchase this again :)