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Whilst I was a student I had always assumed that when I got full time work that i'd be buying bulk makeup on the regular just cause I can. Fast forward to this year and i'm buying less makeup than I did when I was a student (go figure!). I think when I was a student I was in the peak of my makeup addiction and just wanted to grow my collection wildly. I still love makeup but i'm such a quality of quantity gal now where i'd rather stick with what I love than try out every new release product. Is anyone else like this now?? In saying that the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette looks amazing...*clears throat* anyway i've learnt a bit more self control basically haha.

In the past few weeks I've accumulated quite a few new products so I thought i'd let you know my thoughts and what's not worth the buy.
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
Upon using this a few times I have come to the conclusion that I like this. This foundation has gotten many great reviews for years so I finally got around to trying it out. What I like about the Healthy Mix is that it's a great everyday foundation - something I wouldn't hesitate to wear day-to-day as it's a good medium coverage and provides a subtle dewy finish. I can't see myself reaching for this on nights out or special occasions but I think for everyday it's a great foundation.
Rating: 4.5/5

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
A product I don't hate but I also don't love. I actually really like the packaging, the smell, and the doefoot applicator but the product itself just isn't...great. The formula is quite thin and has only a light/medium coverage. I don't know about you but I only ever want a concealer that's full coverage and nothing less because the whole point of concealer is to conceal and when it's a light coverage it just doesn't do enough. So yeah this isn't a product I hate but I just wouldn't recommend it to a friend or use on a regular basis.
Rating: 2/5

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation
Clinique were having a promo on where you could go pick up a weeks worth sample of the new foundation. This is a ultra full coverage foundation which gives a matte finish. Upon hearing from one of the girls at the counter that it's super long lasting I decided to give it a true try out: wearing to a 10hour shift of work. By the end of the day...I looked horrible. I actually really don't like this foundation. In the morning it looked alright, I used a hydrating primer and blended it out with my damp beauty blender. By the evening I looked haggard. This foundation is so drying and after a 10 hour shift it went all weird and patchy and made my skin look dull. 
Rating: 1/5

Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon
I'm actually quite fond of this brow crayon but I don't think it's something i'd recommend to my friends. My brows are quite naturally full/structured so I don't have to do much to them - so this is something i'll lightly draw over just to make them slightly more defined. For most people I don't see this product working well as it's too bulky and lacks precision. 
Rating: 2.5/5

Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect Mascara
I already own the original lash sensational mascara but I wanted to give the full fan effect version a whirl to see if it actually makes any difference. I don't know whether this was just a new tube or what it is but I actually feel like I prefer this one slightly more?? Maybe i'm going crazy and they do the exact same thing but from now on i'll buy this version cause i've convinced myself it does work slightly better. Would 100% recommend this to everyone though, holy grail mascara which gives length and volume without looking like spider legs. 
Rating: 5/5

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolour in 'Bo$$'
I already knew I would love this as I own another bare mineral matte liquid lipstick in the shade 'slay'. This mini came in a pack of two which costs $22 so basically this was $11! Blooming bargain!! This is just a great product as it goes matte but is not drying. Not transfer proof but I don't mind as i'd rather something that isn't drying than something that makes my lips look like they need a big drink of water. They are usually $26 which is very cheap compared to other products out there.
Rating: 4.5/5

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss in 'Sugar'
Obsessed with this gloss! It has reborn my love for glosses! It's nicely pigmented, makes my lips look supple, and isn't sticky. Really want to go purchase more glosses from this range now as they're the best i've ever tried.
Rating: 5/5

So as you just read there were quite a few hits and misses with my haul but overall i'm happy with most of the products. Have you guys gotten any great new products recently? And did anyone give in to the Naked Heat hype?

Holly xx

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  1. I seriously have been wanting to try the bourjois foundation and concealer!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I've been kinda curious about the Bare Minerals Gen Nude range, but I've yet to pick up something for myself as I'm still trying to work out which shade suits me best!

    The only new thing I've tried lately is The Ordinary's 100% Cold-Pressed Argan Oil & I'm liking it so far, much more than rosehip or jojoba oil (both of which I've tried & didn't like). It's got a bit of a scent to it (a bit floral), but you don't smell it once its been applied. You don't need too much either as it's a bit thick & it is definitely hydrating, but without making you look like you've dunked your face in oil.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. I'd definitely recommend picking some of the Bare Minerals Gen Nude range, try and get your hands on the mini bundle cause it's so affordable and the colours are great nudes :)
      I haven't heard of The Ordinary's argan oil but that sounds amazing! I'll need to check it out and get a sample.
      Holly x