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For some odd reason I find that I spend more money when I shop solo as opposed to with people. Perhaps it's that I don't have a devils advocate in the corner saying "..but do you really need that?". Sometimes i'll be my own devils advocate and will go weeks without any splurge, but then..I get in a "treat yourself" mood and spend spend spend.

There's something so satisfying about purchasing luxury items. Although deep down I know I could happily paint my face with purely drugstore items and it wouldn't look too different from a high end face..but something about luxury items just feel nicer. 

Here are some of the new things i've purchased and a few old favourites which i've been loving lately.

I had run out of all my perfumes and was on the hunt for a new scent. I actually think choosing a perfume is a very personal thing. You want something that captures you in a scent. A scent where people smell it and instantly think of you. 

After strolling around the Myer perfume section and smelling dozens of different scents this one captured my heart. Of course it was one of the most expensive ones, of course. I decided to leave it so I could go home to think about it but I ultimately came to the conclusion it was worth buying.

Amber Musk is described as "a warm, inviting scent you want to wrap yourself in - like a soft cozy blanket on a snowy night". THIS IS ME IN A BOTTLE. LIKE SERIOUSLY. If you know me in real life you'd know much I loooove the cozy - I buy everything fleece, I always light candles, and I love bundling myself up in cozy blankets to either read or watch netflix. I'm terrible at describing fragrances but here are the notes: musk, ambroxan, coconut, rose, benzoin, and sandalwood. Basically it's just the coziest scent, it's a bit dark but has a subtle sweetness from the musk. Would definitely recommend checking it out if you're after a new scent. Aerin is a brand by Estee Lauder so you'll be able to find it at their counter. 

So because I spent over $75 at Estee Lauder (lol I spent waaay over that) I was entitled to get a "gift with purchase". I had two ones to choose from: a makeup bag or a skincare bag, naturally I chose the makeup one. In it I got all those goodies in the photo above. I'm most excited for the illuminating radiant primer. Also the eyelash primer cause I'm quite cynical if they actually work so I want to test it out. The lipstick is a verrry bright pink so i'll have to build up some confidence to wear it. 

It's only on for a limited time so if you need any Estee Lauder things from Myer then now is the time to get it!

I've had this for just over a year now and it's something I reach for on special occasions, whether it be a fancy dinner or a nice event. It makes your skin look flawless by providing a medium coverage base (which is completely build-able) and giving a glowy finish. 

If you want a base which makes you feel all kinds of lovely then I would recommend getting a sample of this to try out. 

Again, this just feels expensive. Whenever I whip this out of my bag to touch up my lipstick I feel like i'm holding something of high value. It actually isn't awfully expensive considering - it's $40. That's only $6 more than a MAC lipstick and yet it feels a lot nicer. I do love my MAC lipsticks but for special occasions I like wearing a luxury lipstick. 

This is a lightweight lipstick which has a cream finish. It's pretty long-wearing and I find that when it fades it leaves a nice natural stain to my lips. 

I just had to mention this candle. I feel like SUCH a cliche blogger rambling on about a candle..but guys get me. The scent is divine - feeling fresh and calming. It's only been used a few times but already I can tell this will be one worth buying again. These can be bought from David Jones for $50, but this one was actually from TK MAXX which ended up being $17..absolute bargain for something so nice. 

So those are a few of of my favourite luxury items at the moment.

What ones are you loving?

Holly xx

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  1. Yeah, but technically spending 75 quid is worth it when you get the free gift... XD... maybe that's just my brain trying to justify ll purchases!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Your product pictures are amazing! :)

  3. Ah I always love a good GWP! I haven't really bought anything luxe of late, unless you count 2 somewhat exxy skincare goodies from Alpha-H + Aspect that are on their way to me as we speak (well, the Aspect serum cost over $100, but totally justified as I love it).

    Shell // The Novice Life