Some Carrie Bradshaw Looks That Were Truly Horrid


Carrie Bradshaw is one of those television style icons whose legacy still lives on. Sometimes I even hear myself saying to friends  "that's such a Carrie thing to wear". Sometimes she got it really right, like the looks in my 10 Iconic Carrie Bradshaw Looks That Are Still Chic post, but sometimes she got it reallyyyy wrong. Like, so wrong.

Thought it would be fun to share her fashion fails and looks no one should repeat.

1. Ugh, I think we all went through this phase. To me this doesn't feel like an adults outfit but more a 12 year old in the early 2000's who watches Lizzie McGuire religiously (me).

2. What the hell is this Carrie. No, but seriously. A cropped business shirt, a long drapey skirt, and a BELT randomly around the waist?! I just can't get over how random and out of place the belt is. This never should have been okay and I refuse to believe this could have been deemed fashionable even in the 90's.
3. While the other girls are looking nice and put together Carrie is rocking a satin jacket and a summer dress over cargo pants. Without the cargo pants this look would have been alright, acceptable even, but the cargo pants with the big puffy pockets?!
4. Okay I know in my last post I talked about how the other girls were nice and put together..and maybe this Carrie's effort of being put together..but it's not working. Biggest mentions go to 1) the ridiculous hat and 2) the cropped suit pants. 
5. No Carrie noooo. A tie-dyehead scarf, an oversized white blouse exposing 60% of her bra, denim shorts, and just doesn't work. 
6. Okay, this could be the biggest fail yet. Carrie ties together three horrible pieces of tie-dye ALL TOGETHER into one hideous outfit. In fact I can't believe anyone would have dressed her in this. You can see Sarah Jessica Parker's face of pure distaste in this photo. I'd look angry and humiliated as well. 
7. Eeek. Now this isn't absolutely horrible. In'd be quite passable..if it wasn't for that gigantic flower that's attacking her shoulder. It just looks quite cheap, like one of those items you order off eBay hoping it'll look like the photo but instead it's nothing similar. 
8. I feel like this photo is a parallel universe of a Scottish version of Sex & The City. "Yer off ya heid Samantha, " Carrie said as she finished her haggis.
9. Cowgirl meets boho? Frankly, I would never get caught dead wearing this. Maybe it's cause Sarah Jessica Parker's stomach is total goals that she could rock this, but I sure couldn't. The cowboy hat..with a tinnny snakeskin crop top....a band around her arm...not a killer look.
10. This was from one of the recent movies so really, they should have known better with fashion and be slightly more modern but nooo. Just cause a shirt is dior doesn't make it look expensive, and pairing it with a poofy skirt is just a crime against fashion. I'm no expert in style but I don't think I could ever see this look taking off. Plus..that bag. 
11. Again another photo where you just stare at her stomach thinking "how did you get it so flat?!!. But yeah this outfit isn't great, particularly the fact she's wearing a bumbag. 
12. For some reason I have a really big bone to pick with one sided tops. I just don't like when things look uneven and not finished off. The skirt is actually quite cute, but the green top with the crazy draping down one side is just weird
13. AND LASTLY. THE WORST (in my opinion). The pink princess dress no girl should own. The one with multiple frills and bling. If it couldn't get worse she has an upside down bandanna on her head which just looks odd. It looks like a little girl playing dress ups doesn't it?

I'm sorry Carrie, some of your looks were ICONIC but there were some fails along the way. You're still a queen of fashion though and i'll try to forget these tragedies. 

This was just a lighthearted post, everyone has their own style preferences and mine just happens to be not a lot of tie-dye, no random belts on waist, and no pink frills.

Any fellow Sex & The City fans? Holla at me

Holly x

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