IT'S MY BIRTHDAY | Thoughts On Turning 23


With age comes wisdom right? I think that's true somewhat, although i'm currently looking down on my left hand which is stained with fake tan. Throughout multiple attempts of scrubbing it won't fade and i'm left going out in public hoping no ones gaze shifts towards my hand. *sighs* I'm so wise right? 😉 

23 is a scary age for some reason. Each birthday I have been so excited to turn another year older and be seen as more of an adult but now i'm like noooo make it stop make it stop! Perhaps it's because I'm truly seen as a young adult now that I feel like should be doing more or achieving more. 

They say "comparison is the root of evil" to which I totally agree. Potentially 23 is seen as scary because 1) my mum was married and had already had a baby at this age and 2) my sister was engaged and married at this age. When I compare myself to them on this instance I feel like a total under achiever, but I have to put it into perspective that i've not only finished my degree but i'm not working in the exact field I want to be in (operating theatre nurse). I have traveled to Europe 3 times, been to Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong. I've made many incredible friends, a few I definitely will be friends with forever. I have been able to start solidly saving for my future by still living at home with my incredible family, so in a few years I can buy my own house. I have a strong faith in God which really grounds me and gives me such encouragement to be a kinder/better person. I am a truly happy person at heart. 

I'm trying to count my blessings and not compare myself to others as we all have our own race we're running. Well, I don't exactly perhaps i'm jogging my race. I can choose either to feel scared by turning 23 or embrace that i've made it to another year and that there are so many great adventures to be had. More travel, more roadtrips with friends, more dancing to r&b music in my kitchen, more homewares to buy, more people to meet, more blogging to do..etc. 

So here's to turning 23, i'll just have to embrace it won't I? :)

Holly x

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  1. Happy birthday Holly!

    You should totally embrace being 23! That said I'm 10 years older than you & still don't feel like I do "adult" all that well haha. I wouldn't say I'm wise yet (I highly doubt I'll ever be a sage of wisdom), but I do agree with the adage "with age comes wisdom". I've found it's the best thing about getting older as I've learnt so much about myself in the last 3-7 years. That said I'm still prone to the comparison trap; but as you said, everyone's running their own race & you've got to run yours as you see fit & forget about what everyone else thinks.

    Shell // The Novice Life