What I'm Loving At The Moment #2 ♡


After attempting to do 30 days straight of blogging over October as part of "Blogtober" I kinda had to give up after I realized: wowsers October is my busiest month this year and i'm literally going to have no time to write up new posts. Last month I just didn't stop. I had friends birthday parties, I went away for a long weekend to Byron bay, I was working more, had other commitments..so my time to sit down and just chill was next to nothing. So I thought it would be better just to stop than whip out some half hearted blog posts. Next time I do it i'll be more prepared ;)

In October I didn't try out too many new products, I just became obsessed with a particular makeup routine to which I just stuck with 95% of the time. This was my go-to makeup for pretty much the whole month...just a bronzed face, lashings of mascara, and a nude lip. Sorry for the uber-posey shot haha.
And these were some of the products I used and have been using a ton...
1. Rimmel Match Perfection in 200 Soft Beige
Admittedly I have become a "fake tanner" and have started to do it quite regularly so this is just what I wear all the time. It's just such a great everyday foundation. Not too matte, not too dewy, quite long lasting, doesn't look cakey, can build it up..it's just so easy. And it's drugstore too.

2. Nars Laguna Bronzer
I have hit pan. I repeat: I have hit pan! This like never happens to me. I've only owned this for a few months but I have used this EVERYDAY. It not only works as a bronzer but the shade also can work as a subtle contour. A part of me is sad i've hit pan already but I guess i'm happy i've found a holy grail bronzer.

3. Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in 'Aquarius'
This is the lip in that photo above. For me it's just the perfect nude. As you may have realized from my various lipstick related posts that I....ahem...have a type of lipstick shade I love. And this is it. This satin lip formula is one of my favourites ever so combined with this shade...it's just a dream. I looove it.

4. Colourpop 'I Think I Love You' Eyeshadow Palette
This palette was only $16! And it's got to be one of my favourites ever, up there with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. It's incredibly pigmented and has a fabulous shade range giving you matte shades, highlight shades, and dreamy shimmers in a range of shades. For the day time I have been using the lightest brown matte shade all over my lid, and for nighttime i'll use a range of the different shimmers. It's definitely worth the purchase, check out their other palettes too cause i'm sure there's a few other great ones.

Non-Beauty Favourites...

5. Stranger Things 2
The latest season is out, it's everywhere on twitter, and I gotta say - it was amazing. Usually i'm not into sci-fi or these kinda shows but Stranger Things is something I think would appeal to anyone. It's so gripping and the end of each episode leaves you yelling at the screen "HURRY UP NEXT EPISODE". I've finally finished the latest season and it ended soooo well, most loose ends got tied up but it also left you with a hint of what next season could be. I'm not going to give away any spoilers..you'll just have to watch it ;)

6. Jack Whitehall: At Large (on Netflix)
If you're a big fan of comedians (or I guess having a laugh!) then this is worth the watch. Admittedly I have watched this twice because I found it so good. He's a British comedian - who I find verrry good looking - and he jokes about a range of things from being too polite as a British person to having a d***head friend who insulted prince Harry. I'd recommend this to all my friends so i'm going to recommend it here too :)

Guys...I feel like this is a big milestone for me..but i've gotten into reading again! For years I just found it difficult getting into reading as i'm so easily absorbed into television series that my attention span cracks it when it realizes that I have to focus when reading. I'm loving it though. There's something just so relaxing about curling up with a book, most times I won't check my phone for hours as i'm so absorbed into what i'm reading. I'm going to do a book review post coming up so I won't go into what my favourites have been yet.
8. Rose with French Vanilla Tea
The best thing since sliced bread, I feel like i'm drinking turkish delight. It's so delicious. I make it like a normal tea by adding in a dash of milk, no sugar. I am THAT lame person who will bring this up in random conversations to tell people about it haha. I'm like "oh my gosh so i've discovered the best tea ever let me tell you about it ole chap...it began when I entered the grocery store and..." etc.

What have been your current favourites? And does anyone else just have totally random things you'll recommend people? Haha. 

Holly x

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  1. STRANGER THINGS OH MY GOD! I managed to polish off the season in two days while I sat on the couch recovery from my wisdom tooth surgery, but it was so good! I'm always really hesitant in watching the next season because I never want it to change too much *cough* Misfits series 4 *cough*. All I can say is - STEVE! None of my friends are into it so I rely on people on the internet to talk about it so I can join in!

    If you're getting into reading, you should use Goodreads. It's a website where you can track what you read and follow other people to see what they're reading. I love it!

    Lauren | Dose of Wardrobe

  2. I'm trying so hard to get back into reading, but it's so hard to find time now that I'm in college.
    Aleeha xXx