An Old School Product Review: Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Powder Foundation


Do people do these products review anymore? And if so, do people like reading them? I feel like the blogging culture has changed in the last few years where people opt for quick snappy shout outs rather than a bit of rambling product review. This is something I have been LOVING for the past few months and though it was definitely worthy of a proper review. 

For all you who long for a quick effortless base: THIS IS YOUR PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE.

Although I loveee a good liquid foundation I find that it takes that bit more time to blend in. As I am working more these days I prefer spending my mornings tucked in bed with a coffee watching an episode of Grand Designs before work rather than spending a lot of time on my makeup. Although I still want to look nice for work I want something that feels like no fuss. 

Price: $41

Packaging: For a powder foundation I don't mind this packaging too annoying. Usually I find powder goes EVERYWHERE but with this it's pretty compact and doesn't leave a huge smoke when you shut the lid. 

Finish: Despite being a powder this foundation actually looks kinda dewy on the skin. Usually I hate anything that isn't liquid because it cakes up my face but this doesn't go cakey. This is definitely that somewhere in between matte and dewy, it's just neutral with a soft sheen on your face. 

Coverage: Light - Medium. Sometimes i'll just give a quick swipe to my face with the brush and be done and then other times i'll really buff it in. It's very easy to build up! I also think this powder looks gorgeous over a liquid foundation - I do this when I want to have a "flawless" base. 

Longevity: LONG, LONG, LONG. I even get compliments at work that my foundation stays on so well! After a 10 hour shift it's still there, and I did a 10km run the other day and it still lasted pretty well on my face considering I was super sweaty. 

Overall thoughts: This is a firm favourite. It gets 5/5 stars from me, I will definitely repurchase when I finish it up as it's quick, easy, longwearing, and gives a good coverage. 

This is it on my face!! Of course this is nice lighting so it looks extra flawless but in real life it still holds up pretty well.

What foundation have you guys been wearing lately? Anything I should try?

Holly xx

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