Royal Wedding 2018: Meghan Markle Makeup Appreciation Post



And was anyone else like me being a complete lunatic with how excited you were for it?

Seriously - at work I wouldn't shut up about it. I was asking anyone and everyone if they were watching it! I may be Australian but there is something I just love about a royal wedding. I love the traditions, watching the guests arrive, seeing if Eugenie and Beatrice will wear ridiculous headwear again, eagerly waiting to see what colour the Queen will wear, and most of all: THE BRIDE. Also seeing the loving gazes. It just feels like a Disney movie you grew up watching except it's real life.

Anyway the point of this post was to give a shout out to Meghan Markle. Her makeup surprised me. I thought she would go full glam but instead opted for an understated look. A sheer base showing her freckles, barely any contouring (if any), a subtle smokey eye, and a nude lipstick. It a world where people are constantly wearing more and more makeup it was refreshing to see she went natural.

I don't want to hate on the current culture of full glam makeup because of course people should be able to wear whatever they like on their face and yada ya...

But I think it's important for everyone to remember their own natural beauty. I quote I love is "makeup should enhance not conceal". It's so true though, if you have cute freckles then you shouldn't go to great lengths to cover them up you should embrace them as they add to your beauty. I think whoever did her makeup did such a great job of making her look so effortlessly gorgeous.

What do you guys think - did you love it or think she could have done more?

Holly x

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  1. I loved it! Loved her dress too - understated, but elegant & timeless. I know certain fashion critics were hating on her entire look, but they can all get stuffed because I thought she looked gorgeous from head to toe. Loved the whole ceremony, including the American preacher (even though I got bored of his sermon towards the end, still loved that touch).

    Shell // The Novice Life