An Exciting, Scary New Chapter


Long time no see blog. I may have *coughs* slightly, ever so slightly, abandoned my blog a bit. I could waffle on about all the reasons and what i've been up to but basically: life.

Today I have come to write though because something exciting is happening...

I'm moving to the UK in March

That's two months away!

If you have been a long time reader of this blog you will know it has always been in my game plan for this to happen. Now it's finally all happening. 

I'm excited because I don't know what's going to happen or what to expect. It's going be a lot of just "winging it". I'm excited about exploring new places and stretching myself. 

I'm also so freaking scared..
I've got to decide where I want to live in the UK (do I go north or south? do I just do London or go for another city?)
I've got to make sure I pass a difficult exam to get my nursing registration so I can work as a registered nurse.
I've got to find a flat
I've got to make friends
I've got to learn how to learn how to be completely be on my own


So if you have any tips for me I would kindly appreciate it! If you've moved out of home to a new place, what advice could you give?

Holly xx

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