Making The Blogging Comeback..


I know this has nothing on the Jonas Brothers comeback but hey, i'm returning to the blogging world!

I first started this blog late 2014 as a way of procrastinating my university assignments. This worked a treat - blogging just gives you such a sense of accomplishment when you hit that "publish". Throughout the years I kept it up consistently until I finished my degree and started working properly as a registered nurse. I tried to keep it up..but life just gets busy doesn't it?

A LOT has changed in 8/9 months since I last posted. I did more travels going to New Zealand, quit my job, moved from Australia to the UK, got my nursing registration here, and have gotten a job. Talk about change.

Lately I have just felt so inspired by many things to take up blogging again. Whether it be wanting to document my travels, share beauty hauls, or even simply write thought pieces I just want to get back into it. I do miss the community and can't wait to dive in again.

Holly x 

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